VBS Payment with Cash

To pay St. Francis of Assisi Parish via Cash:

  1. Determine the amount of cash you owe for the number of children you plan to send to VBS.
    1 child = $15
    2 children = $30
    3 children = $45
    4+ children = $60
  2. IMPORTANT: On a piece of paper, Please list VBS and the first and last names of the children that you are paying for 🙂
  3. Place the cash and note inside an envelope.
  4. Mail the envelope using this Address:
    St. Francis of Assisi Parish
    Attn to: Vacation Bible School
    PO Box 684
    Dale, IN 47523
  5. OR Drop off the envelope at the Parish Office at:
    8 E Maple Street
    Dale, IN 47523