Our Catechists

We are so grateful for each and every one of our Catechists who volunteer their time to teach our youth the ways of Jesus in the Catholic faith. Below are our Catechists and some of their reasons for choosing to teach our youth.

Religious Ed Coordinator

Stephanie Wollenmann
Coordinator of Religious Education

Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leaders

Ashley Jo (Kress) Tempel
Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leader

Emily Weyer
Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leader

Jordan Kress
Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leader

Leah Tempel
Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leader

1st Grade Catechists

Jill Scherzer
1st Grade Catechist

Theresa Brandes
1st Grade Assistant

2nd Grade Catechists

Karla Hoffman
2nd Grade Catechist

Lisa Gogel
2nd Grade Assistant

Dionne Hanselman
2nd Grade Assistant

Sara Kern
2nd Grade Assistant

Being a Faith Formation assistant helps me to be involved with my children’s education and also the church in general.  It’s a difficult but rewarding experience to bring the youth closer to God.

3rd Grade Catechists

Angie Tempel
3rd Grade Catechist

I started teaching religion class because I have a strong faith in God, and I wanted to share the love of the Lord with my students.  My wish for my students is to continue their journey with Jesus, to deepen their Catholic faith, to talk to Jesus daily telling him how they are feeling, what they need, and to thank him for all of their blessings.  I also want them to know that no matter what life brings, God is with you. 

Dana Balbach
3rd Grade Assistant

One reason I enjoy helping with religious education is getting to see how excited the kids are to learn and understand the stories of Jesus and the Bible.  It is a pleasure to be a part of the third grade class.

4th Grade Catechists

Dawn Perez
4th Grade Catechist

I enjoy helping kids grow in their faith and relationship with God. It has helped me stay accountable in my own faith, and I have learned so much along the way with the kids! We are doing this together!

Jenny Wahl
4th Grade Assistant

I am grateful to be given the opportunity to spread the message of Christ, teach the sacraments, and help our youth discover God’s presence in our daily lives.

5th Grade Catechists

Melissa Ward
5th Grade Catechist

The most rewarding part of being a catechist at St. Francis of Assisi Parish is the opportunity to learn together about our faith from our inquisitive youth.  We start every year gathering a list of topics and questions the kids are most curious to learn about within our faith.  Through visits to church, guest speakers, activities, crafts and games, we learn best from each other’s personal experiences.  I’m also amazed to see the leadership and eagerness to volunteer within our youth.  Our Parish sure has a bright future in these kiddos.

Lori Tischendorf
5th Grade Assistant

It is great to be a part of helping parents form their kids in our Catholic faith. An extra blessing is learning more myself as I research different things to share in class!

6th Grade Catechists

Laura Kroll
6th Grade Catechist (and CLOW leader)

I enjoy being a Catechist. Seeing the kids faces when something “connects” for them is a great feeling. I love knowing I am helping them on their faith journey.

Keith Kroll
6th Grade Assistant

7th Grade Catechists

Brooke Garrett
7th Grade Catechist (and CLOW leader)

Natalie Tempel
7th Grade Assistant (and CLOW Leader)

8th Grade Catechists

Michelle Dilger
8th Grade Catechist

Marty Elliott
8th Grade Assistant

1-8th Grade Floating Catechists

Ashley Anne (Casey) Tempel
Floating Catechist (and CLOW leader)

Being part of faith formation allows me to be a role model in our faith for my own children and others in our church. It also is a way for me to be more involved with our church.

Abby Hagedorn
Floating Catechist

Jessica Peckinpaugh
Floating Catechist

1-8th Grade Safety, Drop off, & Pick up Coordinator

Ryan Oberhausen
Safety, Drop off, & Pick up Coordinator

9/10th Grade Catechists

John Ginter
9th/10th Grade Catechist

Erica Wetzel
9th/10th Grade Catechist

Amanda McCandless
9th/10th Grade Catechist

11th Grade Catechists

Joseph and Melanie Kern
11th Grade (Confirmation) Catechists

12th Grade Catechists

Pete and Jennifer Lashley
12th Grade Catechists