There are several Commissions that help our parish run efficiently. To learn more about each Commission, see the descriptions below!

Parish Council
The Parish Council is dedicated to:
1. Providing recommendations for parish priorities, directions, and policies through pastoral planning.
2. Promoting communication and understanding among parish commissions, organizations, the Diocese of Evansville, and the Universal Church.
3. Forming community as a sign and witness of unity for the larger parish community.

Fr. Crispine – President
Kimberly Pund – Chair
Travis Ward – Co-Chair
Sheila Wahl – Secretary
Carol Northenor
John (Teep) Schlachter
Nolan Weyer
Chuck Pund – Finance Representative

Worship Commission
The Worship Commission gives special attention to how the parish community worships and celebrates the Liturgy. It will collaborate with the pastor to plan the seasons and feasts of the Church’s Liturgical Year, sacramental celebrations, and liturgical events.

Faith Formation Commission
The Faith Formation Commission is dedicated to helping parishioners of all ages to become more committed to Christ and the Church by better understanding and living their faith.

Hospitality Commission
The Hospitality Commission is driven by our parish mission to welcome and care for all people, so it provides services and activities to form and to establish relationships in building a strong community.

Outreach Commission
The Outreach Commission, following in the footsteps of our patron, seeks to care for our earthly home, to discover the holistic needs of the people within and beyond our parish boundaries, and create support programs that meet those needs. The goal is to educate and involve parishioners in accomplishing this mission.

Buildings and Grounds Commission
The Building and Grounds Commission is dedicated to ensuring that all buildings and grounds are safe and comfortable for all that visit our Parish. They are responsible for coordinating and/or conducting maintenance work and project work to improve our facilities.

Cemetery Commission
The Cemetery Commission is dedicated to ensuring our cemeteries are safe and well maintained for all that visit our cemeteries. This includes coordinating and/or conducting mowing, landscaping, and flower maintenance in our cemeteries.

Finance Commission
The Finance Commission is dedicated to providing administrative and financial support to the pastor and all St. Francis of Assisi parish ministry functions and activities. They are responsible for the parish fiscal management, stewardship, fundraising, and facilities maintenance.

If you would like to take part in one of these commissions, please fill out the information below, and the leader will contact you with more information on how to get involved!

Which Commissions would you like to volunteer for?